Rift & Quarter Sawn Hardwood Flooring

The Art of Making Rift & Quartered Flooring

eye catching flecking and ribbons in rift and quarter sawn flooring are distinctiveRift and quarter sawn hardwood flooring is different, from start to finish. In order to obtain the distinctive straight-grained appearance of quarter sawn lumber, logs must be quartered then each quarter milled into lumber separately. As a result of this process, a different part of the wood grain is shown, highlighting large bands called medullary rays.

Manufacturing quarter sawn lumber takes different log requirements, milling processes, drying schedule, and manufacturing process. Once all of that is complete, the making of a premium hardwood floor can begin.

What Makes this Hardwood Flooring Different?

Rift and quarter sawn hardwood floors are beautiful and distinctive. The unique look of quarter sawn hardwoods lend itself to an array of design styles, from traditional to modern. When stained, the medullary ray “figure” pops, practically lifting it off the face of the board.

At Reliance Flooring we specialize in finding the very best lumber to make high quality, wide width rift and quarter sawn hardwood flooring.

Benefits of Rift & Quarter Sawn Flooring

  • Distinctive and beautiful grain appearance.
  • Reduced shrinking and swelling in lumber width.
  • Flat and stable flooring, with very Minimal warp.
  • Flooring wears evenly.

Reliance flooring specializes in manufacturing both solid and engineered rift and quarter sawn hardwood flooring. Custom hardwood flooring orders are always available just for you.

Engineered flooring widths available include 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8.” Lengths range from 1’ to 10’.

Our floors are manufactured by NWFA certified mills and milled from kiln dried lumber for greater stability and quality. We also offer these products in many long length options.


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