Rift and Quarter Sawn White Oak Hardwood Flooring by Reliance Flooring

Rift and Quarter Sawn White Oak Hardwood Flooring by Reliance Flooring


Reliance Flooring Rift and Quarter Sawn White Oak Hardwood Flooring provides you with the highest quality hardwood flooring available.

Reliance Flooring manufactures a great deal of rifted and quartered white oak hardwood flooring.

Rift and quarter sawn flooring is a top popular trending style and with good reason. Rift and quarter sawn floors are beautiful and distinctive. The unique look of quarter sawn hardwoods lend itself to an array of design styles, from traditional to modern. Rift and quarter sawn flooring features unique wood grain, with flecking and tiger stripe patterns.
Beyond the look, engineered rift and quarter sawn white oak also offers several advantages to the installer because of its dimensional stability. The engineered flooring planks are exceptionally stable and will not cup, twist, or warp. Reliance Floors have a uniform high-quality substrate, making installation faster and easier.
The wear layer of engineered floors varies between manufacturers and it’s important to know what it is. Reliance Floors have a wear layer of 4mm for extended life, allowing refinishing by a homeowner later.

Our floors are manufactured by NWFA certified mills and milled from kiln dried lumber for greater stability and quality. We also offer these products in many long length options.

These special cuts are more dimensionally stable and can withstand the seasonal expansion and contraction that normally occurs in wood flooring. Along with stability, these cuts also provide an overall higher hardness rating than standard cuts.

Engineered flooring widths available include 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8.” Lengths range from 1’ to 10’.

Custom hardwood flooring orders are always available just for you.

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FAQs about Quarter Sawn Hardwood Flooring

What is Quarter Sawn wood and what makes quarter sawn flooring different?

By definition, quarter sawn lumber is the angle that the annular growth rings intersect the face of the board. However there is little agreement what exactly that angle is. Most define it as between 60 – 90 degrees, although others define it as between 75 – 90 degrees or 45 – 90 degrees. When cutting this lumber at the sawmill, each log is sawed at a radial angle into four quarters, hence the name. After that, each quarter is then plain sawn.

What Makes Quarter Sawn Hardwood Flooring Different?

Quarter sawn hardwoods are beautiful and distinctive. The unique look of quarter sawn hardwoods lend itself to an array of design styles, from traditional to modern.

In order to obtain the distinctive straight-grained appearance of quarter sawn lumber, logs must be sawn in a different way. The log is first cut in half and then into halves again. After being cut into quarters, each quarter section is placed on the mill in a position so that the annual rings are as close to 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the face of each board as possible when sawn.

By sawing the log in this way, quarter sawn lumber yields more waste and therefore the end result is narrower boards, in comparison to plain sawn lumber sawing methods.

So, Then What’s Rift Sawn Hardwood Lumber?

Rift sawn wood cannot be manufactured in large quantities and has a similar look to quarter sawn wood. As a result it is not generally separated from quarter sawn wood.

Rift sawn wood is typically narrow with a very straight grain pattern on the face of the board. Rift sawn wood does not have the flecking that quarter sawn wood has. The annular rings of rift sawn boards are approximatley 30 to 60 degrees to the face of the board when sawn.

Is Rift and Quarter Sawn Hardwood Worth the Price?

Rift and quarter sawn hardwood can command a premium over plain sawn lumber. This is primarily due to a more limited availability of quarter sawn lumber – both because of the lower number of boards made from each log and combined with a much smaller number of suppliers producing this kind of lumber. This limited availability of quarter sawn lumber results in a premium price for this type of lumber.

The principal benefit of the quarter-sawing technique is that all of the grain will be straight, resulting in a more dimensionally stable product. Quarter sawn lumber typically does not warp, twist, or cup. A narrow grain pattern is typically evident on the face of the board. Flecks are generally evident in quarter sawn red oak and white oak, but can also be seen in other species.

Since the raw material lumber cost more, the hardwood flooring that is produced also cost more.

Can You Get Rift and Quarter Sawn White Oak Engineered Flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring can be purchased in rift and quarter sawn white oak, in both standard widths and wide widths. These high quality engineered floors have a thick wear layer that can be refinished during the life of the floor.

Is Quarter Sawn Wood Still A Green Choice?

Many have asked whether the higher waste involved in making quarter sawn wood result in a product that is less environmentally friendly than traditional lumber. The answer is simple – quarter sawn wood is a sound environmental choice. Companies who produce quarter sawn lumber use the rest of the log in a variety of ways. Bark can be turned into mulch and wood chips supply paper companies, while sawdust is often used on-site to fuel drying kilns. No part of the log is left unused.

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Lewis Lumber and Milling manufactures Reliance Brand premium solid and engineered wide plank flooring to the highest specifications. Primary wood flooring species are white oak, red oak, hickory, and rift & quartered white oak flooring. At our plank mill we manufacture 4″ thru 11″ in both solid & engineered. We source all our own green lumber to manufacture our products and carefully dry all lumber used, ensuring good color and quality hardwood floor.



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